Village of Trainers

Some people get advice from a forum, or a friend.

I have 2 friends, a mother-in-law, a wife and friend’s father. I call them my Village of Trainers. (You know, like it takes a village to raise a child?) Each one of them contributed to my 5k to 10k training plan, and they all continue to put up with me texting or e-mailing exuberant messages whenever something goes right, and asking all the stupid questions new people ask.

Special thanks to them, Steph, Annette, Paul, Brian and Sherry.

Stephanie Sullivan: The Wife
Stephanie, eating the official recovery massive gummy bear.
Steph is my wife of 2 years this November. We started exercising together when we got engaged, sometimes as little as one day a week just plodding around in the gym. She’s been a huge support to me, as well as one of my biggest motivators, I want to live a nice long time for her, and look good doing it. She rollerbladed alongside me on most of my outdoor runs this summer. She’s also helped me to get this blog up and running. Over the past year she’s become quite a foodie, and you can find her blogging about cooking and organic produce over at Loki’s Kitchen.

Sherry Brown: The Mother-in-Law
Sherry on the move!
Sherry is my wife’s mother, and she’s got a soft spot for my tremulous adventures in running, being an active marathoner, a sponsored local runner, and working in a running store in Massachusetts. Sherry has helped me with gear choice, particularly shoes, and with race day advice.

Brian and Paul Swem: The Friend and his Dad
Swem after his Ironman Triathalon
Brian is my best friend, and my best man. He’s a triathelete (and recently finished an Ironman in Sandusky, OH) and has given me a lot of advice on general fitness, race training, and has promised to give me a primer on race nutrition.

Paul is his dad, a retired educator, who took the time to apply his knowledge as a cross country coach to my training plan. Also, he assured me that burgers & brews is the appropriate recovery food after a track workout, which is my favorite piece of advice so far.

Annette Krag-Jensen Werner: The Friend
Annette at the finish line of the Chicago Marathon.
Annette is one of my closest friends, a triathlete and a fitness goddess, in my opinion. She has taught me a ton about running, about training the right amount for my goals, and is always there for me to bend her ear and brag about my latest tiny triumphs.


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