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Half Marathon, Week 9

I decided that after training by running after lunch for a few months, I needed to make sure I wasn’t going to get a nasty surprise on race day with my customary diet and wakeup times for races. So I set an alarm and woke up at 7am Sunday morning, ate my run breakfast (English muffin w/ PB, banana, cup of coffee), suited up and headed out the door.

I ran 11 miles that morning with 0.6 of warmup and cooldown, and the whole thing was great. Near the end, my left leg started to cramp, a cramp that stayed sore until I slept, and returned/worsened during my 5 mile run last night. So for the first time, tonight, I’m missing a run. I’m doing it because everytime I’ve seen someone ask “my leg hurts, should I run to stick to my plan” the answer has been “Don’t risk injuring yourself this close to your run. Sticking to your plan isn’t going to make you invulnerable.”

So I’m icing and resting today. And I’m skipping a cross train tomorrow. And reducing my mileage on Friday to an easy 3 instead of an easy 5. But I’m hoping to still go on my last long run Sunday.

Oddly, instead of feeling defeated or deflated by it, I’m content. There’s a little frustration at my leg, a desire for it to get better so I can keep going, but I don’t feel as dissatisfied as I could. I’m motivated to get better and get back on my feet and running, even if the way to do that is to not run right now.

17 days to the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.