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4 miles, easy

Friday night was an easy run. That phrase has a little bit of oxymoron to it. I set out on Friday evening for two laps of what I call “Little Bear”, my original 2 mile course through the neighborhood. I ran all bundled up (including a “Turtle Fur” neck gaiter I’ve become fond of this winter) because 4 miles at an easy pace hardly warms you up in 25-30 degree weather in the dark.

Despite the ‘easy pace’ of the run, the miles took it out of me. I was as zoned (not tired just… breathless) as I have been for much longer runs.

That said, I’m one run away from completing week 1 of my 10 week training plan, and Sunday long runs have always been more of a pleasure when I have the time to savor them. More about that after I run it: I’m sitting in the car finishing this post, ready to set off for 8 miles that promise to be as bright as Friday’s were dark, and as cold as Friday’s were, well, cold.

10 weeks to the Glass City Half Marathon.