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6 day streak

Today is a rest day.

I planned two a week into my training plan, but last week, on Thursday, it was just too beautiful out to skip a run, so I did a quick, easy 3 (and almost got rewarded with a pelting from a water balloon).  As a result, I ran every day for the last 6 days, covering 26 miles total. Continuing the streak is tempting, but I am going to break it, more out of superstition than fitness needs. 

I think that based on my running pace hovering around 10:30 on long runs (my EZ & LSD runs are at about that pace) I should be well able to hit my Goal #2 on the 25th when I strap up and head out for my 10k Solstice Run.

I had some running adventures during this six day stretch, starting with the water balloon incident. Friday was the wettest run I’ve been on, even including the puddle-tastic ‘dry run’ for my half marathon. It was pouring from the minute I stepped away from my car, but honestly once I was soaked through, it didn’t really bug me at all. What did bug me is running a 30:05 5k! C’mon! 5 seconds faster and it’s awesome bragworthy stuff, 2s faster is a satisfyingly nerdy palindrome, but 30:05 is just laaaame.

On my 10 mile run this Sunday, I completely forgot that the 10 mile route I planned during my half marathon training was a 12 mile route with a warmup and cooldown that were way too long. Still, with 4.5 miles through a metro park, and familiar terrain the whole way, it was a good run. At mile 8 I tried out some Hammer Gel in place of one of my normal Gu packets. The Hammer Gel was different, more fruity and less sugary. The ‘raspberry puree’ listed on the ingredients (as opposed to the completely chemical approach on the Gu ingredient list) was actually really noticeable. Stupid problem to have though; I couldn’t figure out where to tear the package at first, because of the cutesy ‘hammer-shaped’ top. With Gu it feels very utilarian; tear at the thin part, squeeze in mouth. Hammer was a bit harder to stuff into my mouth, and made a bigger mess on my hands.

Since I was a mile over distance, and we had friends coming over, Steph picked me up at mile 11. My camelbak was nearly empty, which means I drank ~70oz in two hours. Given that this wasn’t the hottest day I’m likely to run on, this has inspired me to start considering what the *right* rate of fluid intake is.

Overall, I really enjoyed the 6 day streak, and it feels good to be back to running all the time, with a plan, versus the more free form runs I had in my recovery from Pittsgburgh and my vacation. We’re heading on vacation again in a couple weeks (for the 4th of July holiday week) but I think I’ll have my Speedwork Summer plan more fully formed, and hopefully be training for a 5k by that time.


Road Hazards

Things that have happened to me while running.

  •  Pulled over by a police officer and told to get out of the road.
  • Almost run over approximately 10 times. Cars backing out of driveways, people turning right, and trucks with mirrors large enough to dress in being the major dangers.
  • Been heckled by 2 separate cars full of teenagers. “Slow Motion Jogger” and “Eeeewl!”. Thanks, folks. Love the motivation.
  • Nearly run down by a bicycle who thought “on your left” was something he could mutter approximately 1 second before impact. He then yelled at me to turn off my iPod. My iPod was off.
  • Got into a shouting match with a neighbor who pulled past me on a snowy day doing 40mph on a 25mph road and HONKED. 
  • Tried to notify several people that I was passing (“on your left”) and had them scream at me not to surprise them.
  • Had a confrontation, in the dark, with two unleashed dogs who ran into the road to block me from passing their house.

And now, add to that list

  • Narrowly missed by a waterballoon thrown from a car window.

Luckily these kids had shit for aim.

Of course, a few weeks from now I’ll probably be running in the heat, thinking how welcome it would be to be covered heel to toe in water. Solution: Go jogging where there are a lot of bored teenagers, preferably with access to water. Fundraiser car wash?