Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Reward System

The marathon is approaching fast, and the runs are getting long.

This week is a 36 mile week. Two 5 mile ‘short’ runs, an 8 mile run, and an 18 mile long run. Because of some brutal heat Thursday I rearranged my runs and ran 8 miles this morning, saving the 18 mile run for tomorrow morning in the park.

Wherever you are, you’ve probably heard that there was a heat wave blanketing the Midwest last week. Certainly it was nothing compared to the oppressive heat you find in places that are used to it, but conversely,we are not used to it at all. Evocatively, there were schools in the Midwest that closed due to heat, not being even equipped with air conditioning.

That doesn’t directly affect me, but that heat sure didn’t make me want to hop out onto the road Thursday night.

Storms rolled through Friday and yesterday, and started to break the wave, so I got up early this morning, fed the cats, ate an english muffin with peanut butter, drank a cup of coffee and rolled out for an 8 mile run. Since waking up early took quite a commitment for me, and I’ve got a slow day and wanted to blog, I packed up the netbook, and headed to Twisted rooster here in Belleville, to engage the reward side of all this hard work, and get a nice juicy Roo burger accompanied by a Faygo Rock and Rye float.

Getting ready for the 18 miler tomorrow is going to be mostly psychological. I haven’t had any problems with extending my runs week after week, so really it’s all about getting out early enough that I’m not deterred by heat. Tomorrow though, my reward won’t be a burger and a calorific beverage. Instead my reward will be that Steph will be home from her weekend trip.

The miles are piling up, and the marathon is getting close.

1 month, 18 days until the Detroit Marathon.