Snow plowing

At work, and I’m sure at a lot of offices, we often refer to “snow plowing” work. Where everything for a project gets delayed because the first thing gets delayed, but the end point stays the same, so all the work ends up jammed up against the deadline.

That was my running last week. That was my blogging last week.

So this is the first of 5 posts about my last 5 runs. Snow plowed into the deadline.

Last Tuesday I was supposed to wake up early and run 5 miles. Only I made no plan to do so, so when my alarm went off at the normal time, I said to Steph, over the howl of the wind, “I was supposed to run.”

Now that howl of the wind I mention is important, because without that, I might have found a way. I might have headed into the office a little later, and worked later. I might have run at lunch, or tried to run between work and my wargaming Tuesday night.

But that was not to be. The wind was howling, and so I delayed Tuesdays run into Wednesday’s rest day. Thursday stayed the same, but Friday, slipped to Saturday. And it all caught up, and wrapped up, on time, with my 8 mile run on Sunday.

More on those three runs in the morning though, for now, I’ve got the first installment done, so let the snowplow begin.


One response to “Snow plowing

  1. Snow plowing WRT work/a project is totally new to me; I love that term because it is so visual. We do have the term ‘bubble push’ which is a similar concept applied when your giant pile of ‘to-do’ is constantly pushed out into the next month/quarter.

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