Long Runs, Music, and remote start

Sunlight on a snowy day is something which, before I ran, I rarely got outside to appreciate. I remember it from my childhood, and from the occasional trip to do some winter sport, like skiing or snowboarding, but oddly, it doesn’t fix in my memory again until I began running. Now, the glare of sunlight off of snow is more than something that troubles me on a lunchtime drive. It’s one of the real pleasures of winter, my eyes shrouded behind sunglasses, the sun high above, the world bathed in light reflected off of every surface.

Sunday was such a run. The snow had fallen on Saturday, and had started to melt by Sunday noon, but the effect was still there in the undisturbed parts of the park where I ran.

While I am a fan of road running in general, and have no qualms about stacking up a long run on the roads that spider out from my home, the Lower Huron Metro park, a scant 2 miles from my house has  a 4.5 mile bike path that makes a nice place to do long runs on Sunday, and it’s quite a bit more tranquil to run on the bike path than to ratchet up my vigilance and run on the road. In fact, Sunday I did something unusual and ran with an iPod, music accompanying me through 8 miles in the brilliant sunlight. Interruptions are rare on the bike path; few walkers in the winter, and even fewer of them friendly enough to talk, and vanishingly few cyclists. Astonishingly though, there was one incident of each; a trio of cyclists who insisted on riding two abreast as they passed me (grrrr) and a dog walker who was quoting the song “Rocky Mountain High” at me when I came near. I suspect that Rocky Mountain or not, the last part applied to him. Or he was just a naturally spacey person, who quotes John Denver lyrics at random passers-by.

Then, to round up my run, I tried to take advantage of my car’s remote start, but the design of that system doesn’t account for frantically running by the car at mile 7 pushing the start button while trying not to slow down. As a result, I must have tripped some “don’t start the engine, this guy is clearly crazy” routine in the remote start, and instead of getting in a nice warm car after that last mile, I was greeted by the expected cold. So much for the march of technology, I guess.

Still, the eight mile run felt excellent, and I was done in the early afternoon, so I could enjoy the rest of my day with the satisfaction of a long run behind me.

Week 1 of 11 complete. 2 months, 8 days until the Glass City Half Marathon.


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