Glass City Half Marathon Training Plan

Two weeks out from the surgery, and I’m really only now starting to feel like myself. Admittedly, most of the disturbance is just inconvenience, which is amazing. The “enucleation of the cyst in my upper maxillary sinus” was a complete success. Whatever the stupid blob on the x-ray was, we now know two things about it.

  1. It’s gone
  2. The biopsy indicates it’s the kind they weren’t worried about.

With it, also gone are three of my own personal teeth; my two wisdom teeth on the left side and the upper molar in front of those two. I can’t chew on one side of my mouth, and I cringe in fear at the idea of crispy, crunchy or crumbly food. There are suture in my mouth and some residual swelling. But I have been running. 2.5 miles last Saturday, 5 miles Sunday, 4.5 Wednesday and a 6 mile run last night. The only thing slowing me down on the road was the ice and snow that has covered Michigan slowly but steadily for the past few weeks. No dramatic multiple foot snowstorm for us, instead we’ve had repeated snow globe days, as picturesque as a Norman Rockwell painting. This last week was my last week of unplanned running. Monday morning I begin the training for my next half marathon, the Glass City Half Marathon in Toledo, OH. It will be my sixth half marathon, and my second in the state of Ohio. I’ve spread my running around the states I frequent here in the eastern side of the Midwest. I’ve run two in Pennsylvania, two in Michigan, and now it will be two in Ohio. My training plan for the Glass City half is from the Runner’s World Smart Coach app, which has been how I’ve planned for my last two races. It’s a reasonable plan, which is available to me for free at the press of a button. Until I find myself craving better results, I don’t see any reason to drive myself crazy looking for a better option.

The basic structure of the week is simple. One long run of steadily increasing distance. One ‘workout’ run on Thursday which alternates between mile intervals and a tempo run, also steadily increasing. The rest of the week is a scattering of easy miles intended to give me the weekly mileage volume appropriate to my goals, in this case about 23-27 mpw. Lastly, because its a 10 week training plan there is one drop back week planned with overall lower mileage and no hard runs around week 5.

I don’t take any credit for this structure; as I said it is lifted straight from the Smart Coach app.

Understandably the plan is intended to flex a bit to accommodate schedules, but I’ve found myself moving my schedule around to work with the plan. Being committed to a running plan and making it happen is enough of a priority to me right now that its worth it to wake up earlier or put off week right plans in favor of a consistent approach.

Today’s 6.5 mile run is my last unstructured run. Time to train.

11 weeks until the Glass City Half Marathon.


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