A streak

This year, on New Year’s morning, I woke up with a light snow falling, and I asked Stephanie to go running with me.

She did, and that 2.5 mile run kicked off the year just right. I was able to run the next day, and the next. And soon, I had run through the whole week.

I know that some people join semi-formal ‘run streak’ challenges, to inspire themselves to do this kind of thing at times like the start of the year, or the holiday season, or the summer. I wasn’t really planning anything like this, it just felt nice to get in a run each day, and the puzzle of how to fit it in even with a full schedule was both interesting and enlightening.

But Friday the streak ended, after 24 straight days of running at least two miles a day. I had a late night at the office, snow was falling, I had dinner to cook, and then the biggest thing hanging over me was that on Monday afternoon, I have surgery scheduled.

The surgery is to remove a cyst which has apparently grown in the sinus above my upper left molars. It sort of snowballed from ‘an annoying bump in my mouth’ to ‘a possible root canal’ to ‘a consultation with a specialist at the University of Michigan Department of Maxillofacial Surgery’. It’s been a surprisingly short road to get to the point where monday I will be going in for a 2 hour surgery where they’ll remove three teeth, clean out the cyst, and biopsy it to determine/assure that it’s of a type with no further consequences.

So with that definitely ending the streak on Tuesday, I just didn’t have the gumption to go for it on Friday.

Once I’m recovered though, I have to start training for the Glass City Half Marathon, and the 6 mile leg of the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay that I’m running with my magnificent team mates in just a few short months. My hope is, based on the optimism and casualness with which this has been treated, that I’ll be back on the road after the prescribed 1 week recovery period.

As I post this, I have 9 minutes before I’m supposed to forgo solid food in advance of the surgery. For most, if not all, of the recovery, I’ll be on a liquid diet. 

What will I eat? How will I feel? when will I recover? Can I get the small amount of work I need to get done from home done next week? Will I be okay? Will this hurt? Will this surgery change me in some small but noticeable way that will make me feel off?

Writing this out is helping me keep my anxiety about all the ramifications. Questions are rushing through my brain, but knowing that it’s happening tomorrow is actually making it easier than when I wasn’t sure how long before I would be in the OR.

I’m proud of that streak though. 24 days of running!

I’ll try to be back next week, to post about the rest of my exciting running plans for the year.


2 responses to “A streak

  1. Have been thinking about you a lot and wondering how the surgery went. Hope you’re doing well and recovery is going okay. Can’t wait to hear.

    And a big congrats on the streak too!

    • Thank you very much! Yes, the surgery was a success, and I was working on a post about that, and about my upcoming training plans. Aside from a week of milkshakes, startlingly little to report!

      I was back on the road running by Saturday of last week, and managed to run 6 miles last night in the ice & snow of this Michigan winter.

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