The Next Big Thing

I read some time ago on “Eat Drink And Run” old coach’s advice that fast summer 5Ks make for good fall marathons. I have never really had a coach, since I came to running long after school. So I assumed that the same goes for half marathons, and I wanted to test that theory this year, get my 5k and 10k times on the books, and rev myself up for the fall. As of now, my 10k PR is the split from either of my recent half marathons.

However, it hasn’t worked out. I know that running is a matter of planning and hard work and not inspiration. But despite looking around, I just have not found a 5k race that lined up with my schedule, the time I’d need to train, and my needs for a race. Prime among those needs is a USATF certified course and chip timing. I need the “official-ness” of my official time!

When counting the weeks for those races I started to realize that my big fall race, my first running of the Detroit Free Press Half, is edging closer to the full training plan horizon. In fact, if I start a 16 week plan next week, for my birthday, it lines up perfectly with Oct 21st.

So instead of training for a 5k or 10k this summer, and rushing through a slapdash 6 week plan, I’m going to set my eyes on the Freep Half. A 5k or 10k check-in race along the way will give me a modest PR, and when I’m planning my calendar next year, I’ll more mindfully lay out my summer speed plan to get the best time I can.

Maybe I’ll even start thinking about that marathon that everyone has been bugging me to run. I said I wouldn’t consider it until I was 33. I turn 32 next Wednesday.


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