2011 Analysis

Looking back over a full year of exercise is a novel feeling for me. I don’t think I’ve had a consecutive year of quantifiable physical action since rowing crew in college, and even then, I certainly never had a record to quantify it with. Tracking progress in running though is not only eminently quantifiable, thanks to my Garmin, it’s been tremendously easy.

So in the evenings over the past few weeks, I dove into Sport Tracks, to learn a little bit about 2011.

Total Miles: 1,000.98 miles

A number so good it got its own post, last time. Still, this number means a lot to me. Running a thousand miles is something you can easily put into context for non-runners, and “almost 1,000 miles” just would not have had the same ring to it.

climb: 22,509ft
descent: -20,763ft

Sadly, this is 7,000 ft short of an everest ascent, but I’m amused to see I ascended 1,800 feet more than I descended! Must be some section of a route that really is uphill both ways.

Time: 177:09:35

177 hours is 7.37 days. I spent more than 2% of my year on my feet, running. It’s funny to think that that seems like so much out of context (over a week) but I spent a lot more than that sitting down. Hard to imagine that 2% of my time makes for an active lifestyle.

Calories: 181,643

That’s 52lbs worth of calories burned. Since I lost 40lbs last year, that means that I’m doing well, but not perfectly. While increasing my activity by 182k calories, I increased my food intake enough to offset some 42k of those. That’s about 115 a day, not bad, but not perfect.

Pace: 10:37
Avg Pace in January: 11:38
Avg Pace in December: 9:58

These are just paces for each and every run of mine, which means you can’t take it to mean best to best comparison, but as a bulk measure of how fast I’m running it’s pretty gratifying that my day to day pace increased by more than a minute and a half.


This is a breakdown of my workouts, by what day of the week they occurred. I ran on 43 Sundays, which is damned near all of them. Those sunday workouts account for 21% of my workouts, and about 35% of my mileage. By contrast, because of rest days, I ran on only 9 Mondays, for a paltry 42 miles. In the middle, forming the sort of backbone of my mileage, I ran on 36 of my Tuesdays and 35 of my Wednesdays, but those two together only accounted for 28% of my mileage; that’s the short weekday run showing its face, at less than half my average Sunday run.

This kind of analysis is hugely interesting to me, and I’m glad to be recording the data to pore over in the future. I can see my injuries as low points in the weekly mileage, I can see my races right after mileage peaks and corresponding tapers.

Overall, reminiscing through data has been great, but I think the one number I’ll never forget about 2011 is 3. The number of half marathons I completed.


4 responses to “2011 Analysis

  1. I love the analysis! Did you actually do every run outside? My data is always all messed up from treadmill running.

    Pretty awesome how much your average pace improved!

    • I ran 30 of approximately 200 runs on the treadmill, but I always record distance and time when I do. I lose some information while on the treadmill (at least until I get a foot pod…) but I don’t think any of that info lost dramatically effects these numbers.

  2. Congratulations; awesome year!! I also think the data is pretty cool. It’s crazy how easy it is to spend more time than you realize pouring over that running data. 🙂

    • I know! I thought I’d have this post ready by the 2nd or 3rd day of the year, but I kept finding new angles I wanted to put on it. Finally it’s time to put it to bed, and get on with blogging about 2012!

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