One thousand miles

Good morning and happy 2012 everyone!

Stephanie and I are staying with our friends Chuck & Annette for our annual NYE bash with a huge group of my oldest and dearest friends. As a result I had the synchronous and satisfying experience of finishing 2011’s running right where I started it. With a 5 mile total out and back yesterday, I rounded off 2011 to almost exactly 1,000 miles. At 4.5 miles (where I hit the mark exactly, by my estimate) I was emerging from Schenley park, at the foot of the hill where Annette and I ran a few miles to start off the year, doing laps of the track on the Overlook, the Cathedral of Learning looming seemingly at eye level, as emblematic of Pittsburgh as the crazy hill arrangement that makes such a view possible. When I hit that point I cheered and shouted, though I was alone, and no one was around to share it with. I was thinking, in my heart, of my excitement to share it with all of you.

Logically I know there’s nothing more magical about 1,000 miles than there is about 999. But as with every milestone, (5k, 10k, 10 miles, 13.1 miles) the meaning is in our curiosity about them. I will tell you that among the people I told at the party, which was immodestly too many, not one asked “Why 1,000?” We all seem to understand the fascination with round numbers.

I hope that everyone out there had as good of a 2011 as I did. I will keep writing (and running) in 2012.


8 responses to “One thousand miles

  1. Congrats on a great year!! 1,000 miles is pretty awesome. Here’s a toast to a great 2012 too!

  2. Keep up the good writting, and running..

    Happy 2012


  3. Happy New Year! I just signed up for the NYC Marathon lotto….you thinking of it?

    • Still no marathon plans for me, Jane, but if you get into NYC I’ll be following along to hear about it. I promised myself I wouldn’t train for a marathon until I felt like I was so ready that I couldn’t stand waiting, or at least until I was 33. I’m sticking to it, because I want to be a lifetime runner.

  4. I am super late to the game, but I still wanted to congratulate you on reaching your 1000 mile milestone. And, I agree, as arbitrary as 1000 miles is, it is way more awesome than 999.

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