The Countdown!

With Christmas in the rear view mirror (along with the two day weight surge thanks to finger food, cookies & whiskey on Christmas Eve) and New Year’s Eve coming up soon, the time is coming for a real year in review post.

Before I pore over the numbers, and consider my accomplishments, there’s one more brass ring to grab. In early December, I noticed I was only 76 miles away from a round thousand miles. I laid out a few weeks of running compatible with hitting that milestone. Today, taking advantage of being home at midday during the winter, I ran 4.5 miles in the cold sunshine of Southeast Michigan, where winter has remembered to apply its customary temperatures, but has not yet settled in the dim grey canopy that doesn’t lift until spring. With that run, and with 3 days left in 2011, I’m pleased to report that I am at 992.5 miles, 7.5 miles remaining to the big 1k.

It will be a pleasure to fit in two more 4+ mile runs over the next 3 days. In fact, for this Christmas holiday the days on which I’ve run, I’ve felt much better than the days where I don’t. Even if it sounds like cornball, Runner’s World Quote of the Day stuff, in 2011 a day I ran was a better day.


One response to “The Countdown!

  1. All of New York City awaits word…..
    Here we are ready to close out 2011.
    And NYC (or at least the Swem contingent) is eager to her of your 1K status.
    Happy New Year to you both, and please continue to blog (both of you). We are faithful readers.
    Paul & Janet Swem

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