Year End Clearance

After a few weeks of running a reduced schedule (totaling 18-20 miles a week) and lifting 2-3 days a week, I put in my run to Sport Tracks last night and saw that since starting my log, in November 2010, I have now run just over 1000 miles. Because those were pretty low mileage weeks, after my turkey trot and before Christmas, that means that as of yesterday, I am at 924 miles for 2011.

So if I run 76 more miles, I will reach 1000.

I did not set an annual mileage goal this year, because I was focused instead on the accomplishment of the half marathon. I didn’t want to have anything interfere with proper rest & training amounts, like a goal that wouldn’t necessarily help. Sometime over the summer I noticed that if I continued on my then-current path, I would hit 1,000 easily. I still didn’t set it as a goal, because I had two more half marathons to run, PRs to get, and a long season to eventually recover from. When I had the ITB injury on the last weeks of prep for Stomp the Grapes, I decided not to fret the 1000 miles, and to concentrate on running the race, and then recovering. Taking two weeks off and running easy this winter were higher priorities.

All of that is in the books now, and with New Years looming close, I’m just 74 miles from the big milestone. With 3 8 mile runs planned, and 7 5 mile runs, along with some warmups for workouts, I’m going to be quite close, and may intentionally pad on some miles to reach four digits.

There’s a certain magic in round numbers, isn’t there?


4 responses to “Year End Clearance

  1. Don,
    A chance to hit 1-large? I would encourage you to go for it!
    Getting those extra miles in before the new year…… You can enjoy the January freeze guilt free!
    However, no need to kill yourself. But if it is within reach, grab for it.

  2. You pretty much have to go for 1000 miles! You can do it!

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  4. 1000 miles is crazy impressive!!

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