Cue the enthusiastic bleating of vuvuzelas, folks.

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of my friends and family, I have already hit my $200 fundraising goal for the Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell fun run!

As a result, Stephanie has procured for me, one sterilized, standardized, scientificized Santa Hat. Which I will be wearing on the chilly morning run Saturday.


I told google plus this morning that if I hit $300 I would wear some other piece of procured ridiculousness. So if you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments.

Also, a heartfelt thank you to all my donors. Arthritis is something that diminishes or takes away (from millions of people) some of the very things I am just coming to appreciate about my fortunately healthy body. I am glad to contribute to research that gives people the chance to get that back, in any way, to any degree.


One response to “Gooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal!!!

  1. Way to go on the fundraising! I think next summer I’ll be doing my first Team in Training for cancer research along with my cousin (who’s dad died of lung cancer). Definitely is a motivator when you have a great cause to run for…

    And have fun at the run. In the suburb I used to live in, they’d have the santa dash where EVERYONE who participated ran in a santa suit. It was a sight for sure.

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