Stomp the Grapes Time

I ran the Stomp The Grapes Half marathon today. I made it through the race without my IT band blowing up, and I set a new Half Marathon PR. But I didn’t break 2 hours.


That ends my race season folks. I will resume my race career in the spring. I will get a sub-1 10k and a sub-2 half.

*drops the mic*
*waltzes off stage*


3 responses to “Stomp the Grapes Time

  1. Way to go! That’s awesome! Congrats on the new PR–and the sweet medal.

  2. wooooohoooo for Donald! Great job today give the ITB circumstances! Very proud of you! Cant wait to see what you do in 2012!!!!


  3. Holy cow, a new PR on a bum IT band! You are gonna KILL it next year. Congrats! I am still in ever-envy of you.

    I watched the NYC Marathon last Sunday and it was amazing. I stood at Mile 24 and was just blown away at these amazing people. I must do it. I don’t think I can qualify for 2012….thinking you and me, 2013? 🙂

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