It’s down to this.

The ITB doesn’t hurt when I don’t run, and that’s the worst part. I’m doing a bunch of things (RICE, rolling and stretching) to mitigate pain I don’t even feel. I can’t test it without running, which would be a failure to rest. So here I am, Schrödinger’s cat, just waiting for someone to open the box.

I am going to make this happen. The pain either will arise, in which case I won’t make my goal, or it won’t arise, and I will. It’s turned my wide array of choices for failure for the race into a simple plebiscite. Either the ITB/knee will hurt at mile 1, and I will finish in 2.5 hours or so, with some walking, or the knee will not hurt at mile 1, and I will finish under 2 hours.

I will entertain no further options. My nutrition, fitness, preparedness are all there. I’m capable of the 9:0x pace I need to maintain. I can run a negative split. I can go out slow. The weather will be perfect. My taper has left the rest of my muscles relaxed and eager to spring into action.

I can hope, and agonize, and create a bunch of scenarios, or I can smile and prepare for this race with a beer and a plate of spaghetti and go in enjoying the fact that my big money move has just collapsed from 10,000 possibilities to a simple toss of the coin.

I’m going to smile.


5 responses to “It’s down to this.

  1. Love the Schrodinger’s cat analogy! Fingers crossed that your recovery is working.

  2. Don –
    Here’s hoping the weekend goes well – especially the running part!
    My gut tells me you’re at the point where the rest has done its job.
    Call me at mile 5, would you?
    Better yet, let’s plan to chat Sunday afternoon. I should be done by 1:15 at the latest. I have your cell, no? And you have mine?
    Let’s plan th talk over a virtual beer and a burger, in real time, holding winning trophies.
    ~ Paul

    • My gut tells me I’m there too, but it’s the opinion of my leg that I’m interested in.

      I will no doubt check in after the race, to hoist a virtual trophy and a very real beer. At mile 5 I’ll either be using every ounce to run, or in no mood to chat, I think!

      My run is tomorrow on the 5th, starting at 2pm. I’ll be tracking your bib number on the 6th and we’ll chat for certain. Best of luck with the NYCM!

    • Good luck on Sunday, Paul!

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