Pre-race jitters

It feels like such a normal weekend, Saturday breakfast at Dmitri’s, lazy afternoon. Saturday has been a day off running for a while, and I’m not traveling anywhere for this race. Plus, understandably, this race is less of an “event” than Pittsburgh; not my first 13.1, no friends in town.

But the jitters are here, that feeling of fear, even if I know I can do it. It’s not really a lack of confidence just anxiety. I know it’s illusory. I’ve come here to my blog to exorcise my worries.

Can i run 13.1 miles?
Yes, I’ve done it before.

Will the hill knock me out of the race?
No. My hill repeats were much more exertion, and I did 8 hill climbs in an hour. Worst thing it could do is slow my time, but I’m not running this race for a PR.

Will I be on time, able to get my packet and bib and run?
I’ve confirmed my registration. The race location is an hour away and Steph and I plan to leave at 5:45, over 2 hours before the race starts. It may be a big race but there should be plenty of time for these things.

Water stop every mile. More frequent than I need, nice and predictable, and never too far away.

Race breakfast is nice and defined and well practiced. I should be totally set with PB and english muffin and a banana in the car, along with a nice, hot, black cup of coffee.

The only factor of this race that is in the slightest bit actual worrisome. The temperature dropped dramatically here over the past few days, and the current temperature at start time will be 39 degrees. Not one of my long runs has been run in those conditions, and not even my shorter ones provide any insight since it’s only been in the taper week.

My plan is to wear throwaway gloves and a pullover, and hand off the pullover either right at the start or to Steph if I see her and don’t need it any more. The forecast isn’t calling for rain so hopefully that holds up; I can run in the rain and cold just fine, but my training hasn’t had much of that. It could leave me seriously miserable.

I’ve laid out my gear (including obligatory race penguin. Say hi, Hermes!) because that usually helps me get my confidence rolling, and here it is:

My normal sized pasta dinner has been eaten, and now Steph and I are going to go out for a quick beer to unwind and add a bit of liquid carb before an early bedtime.

Goodnight, and you’ll hear from me at the finish line.


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