Sweet little gifts

Today, my wife gave me a great little gift.

There is no step 2.

That little gem, (based on this) arrived in the mail before we set off on my workout. I mentioned during my post about Sunday the power of mantras; hopefully this one will serve me well. Though I’m sure I’ll confuse some people, shuffling along behind them during the Brooksie, muttering “There is no step two…”

For that workout I mentioned, my 4x800m intervals today, I figured out how to download an outlined workout into my 305 and to run it based on heartrate. It was a great change from a pace based workout, because of how broad the ‘zone’ was, but it definitely required me to pound the pavement hard to keep myself in zone 4 for all the

That said, optimizing those workouts has grabbed my attention, and so I found a plugin, called Garmin Fitness, that allows me to start creating and following this kind of a complex workout through Sport Tracks 3.0. Certainly, it’s nothing I couldn’t do before for now, with the basic functionality of intervals and quick workouts on the Garmin, but I have high hopes that I can find a way to use the functions of that great little device to the fullest.

For example, today’s 4x800m workout was:
Warmup in HR Zone 1 for 2:00
Warmup in HR Zone 2 for 2:00
Warmup in HR Zone 3 for 2:00
Do the following 4 times
– Run in HR Zone 4 for 0.5miles
– Jog in HR Zone 2 for 4:00
Warmup in HR Zone 3 for 2:00
Warmup in HR Zone 2 for 2:00
Warmup in HR Zone 1 for 2:00

Pretty simple workout, but the general format has so much power, and the watch beeping keeps me on track, and on distance, without having to stare at a stop watch or search for a measured track. I’m intrigued to build a pyramid workout, or my hill workouts, onto this.

But really, the first step in that is to do some detailed analysis of my heartrate zones, to see if I can define them better than I currently do. Should be fun!


2 responses to “Sweet little gifts

  1. Interesting tool! Last winter I began to dabble in HR based training when my husband started a HR based marathon training program. He was really happy with it. I tend to think that it is a more effective tool for training for shorter distances, but to each his own. 🙂

    • I’ve never tried to *really* use HR in my training, but when I started out running using a monitor helped me learn that it was okay to run slow.

      I am interested in it, but mindful of the fact that there’s no replacement for just plain ol’ miles.

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