Daedalus & Son

In one sense, I don’t think things like running are worth it unless you explore the extent of your abilities. Literally the only way to do that, is to reach that limit. To run as far as you can, in a minute, or an hour, or in my case, today, in a week.

See, this week was my second 31 mile week. I had thought maybe that the ease with which I accepted my last one meant I could line up workouts summing to around 30 miles, and start there. 2 Easy runs, 5 miles each. 2 workouts, 5 miles each. One long run, 10 miles plus. Easy math, appealing symmetry, still left me time to schedule in the other things I do.

Only one flaw.

I can’t do it.

Maybe I will be able to, at some point. Maybe after a few more months of base-building, or maybe just after the pounds that still lurk around my middle come off. Maybe after I’ve run two more half-marathons or three more or a dozen.

Today though? Today I went out to run 11 miles and I just felt out. The fact that my five miles yesterday was nice and leisurely didn’t matter. The fact that my tempo run Friday was short in distance and long in time didn’t matter. The fact that my hill repeats were a distant memory (Tuesday? That’s practically *last* week!) didn’t matter. My body knew.

I could have balanced more carbs into my meals over the weekend, and I have been losing weight over the past few weeks as I came off the 240 plateau, but at mile 8 when I glanced down and realized I had 3 miles left, I knew physically and mentally that I had run too far, too much this week.

So I’m going to cut 5-7 miles out of the plan. I don’t need 31 mile weeks to run a half marathon. I don’t even need many 25 mile weeks to run a good half marathon. So it’s time to re-adjust.

As I chanted to myself through those last 3 miles, the title of this blog isn’t just a quote, it’s also a mantra.

Time to wisen up, and slow down.


4 responses to “Daedalus & Son

  1. You sound determined like you will set yourself up to regularly achieve consistent 30+ mile weeks. For now, I think you’re right, you don’t need that many miles to run a good half marathon. Good luck with your training!

  2. I’m so there with you. I had My Eyes are Bigger Than My Stomach syndrome when I made up my marathon training plan and had to cry Uncle last week and tone it down. I’m impressed with your mileage for a half!

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