The Madness is on me

I was thinking of my week last week as a light running week, and it was, for this year. I was on vacation in the Outer Banks (OBX!) and mostly spent the week eating, drinking and ‘jellyfishing’ in the pool.

But I still ran almost 16 miles. Not bad for an ‘off week’!

I have 3 weeks now until my Solstice 10k. I have 3 goals.

  1. Safe: Beat my 10k split from the Pittsburgh Half Marathon – 1:05:06.
  2. Solid: Beat a 10:00/mile pace, 1:02:08
  3. Stretch: Beat 1:00:00, a 9:39/mile pace. 

I think those are as realistic as goals should be. I would be elated if I pulled off a 60 minute, but not at all disappointed as long as I beat the shadow of my half marathon split.

I’ve put together my plan, and will post it under the training calendar section soon. It’s only a 4 week plan, with my week of sloppy vacation miles to pad week one, but just having something to work toward gives me heart.

Next thing to do is to select more races! I’m keeping my eye out for 5ks, 10ks and half-marathons.


3 responses to “The Madness is on me

  1. pawsitivelife

    Thats a good split time! Its amazing that I can do a sub one hour 10k but I cannot do a sub onehour 20k split!

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