I’ve got 4 weeks.

Starting today, it’s 30 days to that next 10k.

I’ve got 4 weeks to run and go into that race with fitness as good or better than had in the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  My 10k split on the half was 1:05:06. My tentative goal is to run 1:02:08, a 10 minute pace.  I wouldn’t be disappointed with 1:05:06, a 10:28 pace.

I know that 4 weeks isn’t enough time to change much, I’m just looking for a schedule to write down to give myself a framework for the next few weeks. So, here’s what I’m planning.

  • 2 rest days.
  • 1 long slow weekend run.  8-10miles. 11:00 pace
  • 1 Interval workout, mile w/u, 4x800m @ 9:00 pace, 400m @ 12:00 jog recovery, mile c/d. 
  • 1 race pace run, mile w/u, 3 miles @ 10:00 pace, mile c/d
  • 2 easy runs. Probably 6.2 miles  of running @ 10:30-11:00.

I can’t decide if this is too aggressive, or too relaxed. It’s a surprising number of miles; 26-28 miles discounting the warmups (which I generally do).  I could dial it back but I want to stick with 5 days a week; three rest days is too many for me.

Anybody have any thoughts?


6 responses to “I’ve got 4 weeks.

  1. I’d shorten up a few runs. If your next half is soon then keep the long runs long, but if its not for a few months then drop those back to 6-8mi and the short easy runs around 4miles. I know it’ll seem short, but remember your focus race is too. Also, you might want to keep your intervals shorter. Instead of 800m do the same number of repeats but at 400m. Most plans build up starting around 200m so the repeats increase by week to 800m (and eventually longer).

    That should cut you down to 20ish miles/week which is still hella respectable and will help keep you focused for the 10K.

    • With this advice and with 3 weeks remaining, what do you think of doing 3 interval workouts:

      Week 2: 4×400 jog 60s to recover
      Week 3: 6×400 jog 60s to recover
      Week 4: 8×400 jog 60s to recover

      I’ll shorten up those long runs, too.

  2. pawsitivelife

    Seems pretty aggressive to me. I just did my 10 K in 56:17 (bad for me-but I had bronchitis). If you have the distance down, try speed training and tempo runs. I find them to be the key when you have a short time before a race

    • I’m going to back it off a bit, because I *do* have the distance down, and that’s two votes for ‘aggressive’.

      Have a successful-for-you formula for a tempo run? Should I do it based on time, or distance?

  3. 4 weeks is still plenty of time to get a lot done! Just don’t overdo it- but I’m glad to see the 2 rest days in there. They’re key!

    • I think eventually I’ll try more active rests (like easy running) but for now, a day where I don’t put on my running shoes fits the bill. And I can’t complain about the results!

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