On to the next one!

The one week recovery and revelling in my finish period is over. And though I’m still carrying around my half-marathon finisher medal, it’s time to set my eyes on the horizon!

My 10k time on the results page for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon was 1:05:05, a PR for me by over 10 minutes, so I think it’s time to get that one on the books, and blow my Detroit Turkey Trot performance out of the water. So I signed up for a 10k in Northville!

Solstice Run Logo

I’m a sucker for cute, goofy stuff, and a frantically running tiki guy on the medal sounds like something I’m in for. The timing of the race is right, long enough for me to do some speedwork and prep, but not long enough to put together WAY too complicated of a training plan. For right now, I just want to get something planned and jump right in.

I’m also going to, for the first time ever, be planning more than the next race in line. Now that I know I can run the half marathon distance, I know I can run all KINDS of great races, and hopefully enjoy the “racing season” that everyone talks about existing. Specifically, I want to run 2 more half marathons this year, at least partially because Steph says I can’t have a 13.1 decal for the car until then. (What!? At that point I should get a 39.3, amirite?)


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