To want to run

So I’ve had the experience (during thankfully-brief injuries) of wanting to run when I’m scheduled to, even if I shouldn’t or can’t. I’ve had the experience of scheduling a run on a vacation and being late to dinner plans because I had to get a run in. I’ve even had the experience of looking forward to a run that I was scheduled to do.

I have never had the experience of wanting to run so badly that I did it when it wasn’t scheduled. Yesterday, I wasn’t supposed to run. I was supposed to cross train. 50 minutes on a stationary bike to give me cardio without putting distance on my legs.

But I wanted to run. I went out to the track and ran. I didn’t have my Garmin, I didn’t have my new favorite running shorts, or a goal, or even a good place to run. But it was beautiful out, and I wanted to run.

So I ran. 4.5 miles in 48:51, with most of my quarter mile splits being right around 2:45. Nice steady run at my half marathon pace. Guess I have to take the line out of my bio about hating running. Today I feel only exhilarated. This half-marathon is going to be fun!

9 days until the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.


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