Fighting Hunger & Running Fast

I ate a normal amount of food yesterday before I left work. However, that didn’t seem to be enough for my body. I don’t know if it’s legitimate biological need (muscles rebuilding from the progressively longer runs I’ve been doing ) or if it’s compensatory eating, (exercise = youdeserveadoughnut!) but I HAD to eat when I got home.

However, eating that peanut butter english muffin (followed by a hot dog, don’t judge me.) kept me from wimping out on a run for the first time during the plan. I did skip the warmup and the cooldown for the first time, but I managed to push myself into the run and finish it.

Oddly, this unevenly fueled, unmotivated, bitter pill of a run, turned out to be the fastest 2 consecutive miles I’ve ever run. 9:40 and 9:10… 2 miles at a avg 9:25 pace. I pushed myself for it, scolded myself for it, guilted myself over that stupid snack, that betrayal of my commitment. I hauled ass through that run as a kind of a penance.

When I first created this plan, based loosely on Hal Higdon’s Novice Half Marathon plan, those 2 mile and 3 mile runs made sense to me. A little jog to have a run that wasn’t the longer mileage of the other weekdays. The advice there says to run everything at an easy pace, so I recorded it that way in the Plan. But it hasn’t worked that way yet. When I go out there with only 2 miles to run, I feel this urge to crush it, to make it something more than just a jog for loose legs. My Tuesday/Friday run keeps the “easy run” mentality. I said I wasn’t going to do speedwork, or worry about increasing my speed, so I’m trying to keep those two fast miles in their place; a result of a short run, not a goal to be beaten.


3 responses to “Fighting Hunger & Running Fast

  1. Nice run!
    I personally don’t enjoy speedwork AT ALL, but am looking forward to my time after the half I have coming up- just to get the urge to crush 2 miles again? It’s a good feeling. 🙂

    • I am so used to being slow that calling something speedwork feels like it should also be accompanied by airquotes. I’m in the same boat; I promised that I wouldn’t do any speedwork while trying to move up to my first half ever. I’m hoping that translates into an injury free training cycle for me.

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