Postcards from the Occipital Lobe

When you tell your body to stop paying attention to things, it never works.

Normal Logical/Analytical Brain: “Okay, body, we’re stretched, ready to go. Muscles limber, lungs warmed up, balance set for the act of running, ready for the road.”
Occipital Lobe: “Okay dude, what do you want me to perceive, I got hearing, I can identify directional sound, I got eyes. I can perceive some shit in stereo, full color.”
NLAB: “Nah, we’re good, just sorta zone out.”
OL: “Fine then, your glasses are crooked.”
NLAB: “… waugh.”

Edit: In the full light of the next day, I have realized that hearing is controlled by the parietal lobe. Please, please forgive this critical mistake.


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