Passing rocks and trees like they’re standing still

You’ve all had it. That feeling where you really get to just flying, no fighting with the miles?

Well, I’ve heard of it, anyway.

I ran Wednesday night, that weird little 2 miles in the middle of my week that I haven’t really assigned a purpose. It’s a little bit “pad my weekly numbers”, a little bit “keep my legs loose” and a little bit “run a shorter distance, so that when those other runs get long, I can still pound this little one out easy”.

I ran 2 miles in 18:46.  9:23 pace.  I don’t know what came over me. I set the watch to tell me if I dropped below 11:00 (thinking that an 10:xx pace would be a good speed) and then just ignored the watch.  It never beeped!

So how do I pick my pace for this half marathon? I have a wealth of heartrate data; how do I tell if my long, slow, distance runs are too slow? I’m not really targeting a number (my wallet card this time around says “13.1mi”, not a time. ) but I want to really do this right, and not get to the finish line wondering.

I ran my 8 mile run last week in 1:30:49, an 11:20 pace.  I ran my 7 mile run last week in 1:18:13, an 11:10 pace.  If I stick these in a random internet pace equivalent calculator it’s giving me numbers in the 11:30’s.  Is that a good pace to keep in mind, or should I stick with a 12:00?

Again, before anyone worries, I’m not going to train for speed; I just want to avoid the trap of running too slow.


2 responses to “Passing rocks and trees like they’re standing still

  1. Hi Don –
    First, and most importently, Janet and I sure enjoy these posts. Keep them coming, and of course, SAVE THEM.
    There is a book in there somewhere – stranger things have happened to people that collect their myriad posts, and threah them into a lngthy tome.
    Check out a personal “book tool” here:
    BLURB software
    Second of all, given your size, I would error upward towards the 12:00 min. per mile. I mean no offense here, but I think the calculators that you might find on the web might be geared for a “typical” 5′ 9″ runner of 175 lbs. You’re north of these two metrics, is that not so?
    You will know more when you start gathering more data from your 10+ mile runs. Do a few of those, in nice warm spring weather, and run the numbers.
    Lastly, I ran the NYC Half-Marathon this am. Started in Central Park (34 degrees and windy. I HATE cold weather runs….) One loop of 8 miles, then shoot out 7th Ave down through Times Square, out to the West Side Highway and finish south near Chambers Street near the site of the new Freedom Tower. What a trip that was, running down 7th Ave.
    Managed a 1:37.37, and now, after a short nap and a shower, Janet is going to drag my sorry ass to play tennis.

    • I am more than a bit north of both figures, by 6 inches and 75lbs. I’ll keep an eye on my numbers in the coming weeks; next couple are 9 apiece, then it’s 10 miles in April.

      Congrats on a strong half-marathon finish! Running the streets of NYC must be strange; l imagine it feels like misbehaving.

      Cruelty incarnate of her to keep you up and moving. After 13+ miles I expect to be carried in a litter to my post run celebration.

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