Sudafed doesn’t make you drowsy

Donald Before Rain


So last night was a little bit of madness.

See, I’m fighting this head cold. Maybe it’s a sinus infection. Maybe there’s a bacteria drilling a hole through my skull. Whatever it is, Sudafed makes it better.

However, sudafed also makes you drowsy. And sometimes that drowsiness translates into ‘deciding’ to fall asleep in your car when you pull into the garage. For an hour. (Sue me, it was dark.)

Not one to be dissuaded, I charged inside at 7pm, determined to get ready for my run. It was raining here last night in SE Michigan, a fine cold drizzle, and so it was going to be my first run in the rain! So if you want evidence that I am certifiably nuts, I came home feeling sick, passed out in a parked car due to medication, and then decided to get into some skimpier clothes and go running outside in the rain, using that rain as my motivation.

Donald After Rain

... and After!

If that doesn’t convince you I’m bonkers, note that I also decided to post pictures of myself on the internet of the event.

Before we go any farther, I want to reassure my mom that that’s not a tunic dress and leggings. That’s a nice waterproof outer jacket and a pair of super serious running tights.

No doubt some of you have dropped dead of shock (or maybe excitement) seeing me in tights. They were a bit shocking to me too, but there’s really nothing better for running outdoors when it’s cold. Like many men, I thought; well, I’ll buy them, and wear shorts over them. And never did. Because the only thing that looks dumber than me in tights, (see above) is me in tights and running shorts (you will never see this there is no photographic evidence so just give up now). 

So after a long season of me sporting these running tights, you folks have finally seen them, but the point was me looking a bit cold in that second picture.  I admit, I hammed it up for the camera (could you tell?) but honestly, it wasn’t that bad. 

Apparently people either like or hate running in the rain, and since I managed 4 miles in 44min, I guess I have to fall into the first camp. It felt good to get out, to defy weather and my body, and to really manage something.

Also, if you have any criticism about the photos above, I’d like you to direct your comments to my helpful assistant, who held the camera while I posed (since the loving wife wasn’t home yet).

The Photographer

Bottom line:
1.) Running in the rain wasn’t that bad
2.) If Sudafed doesn’t make you drowsy, Sudafed + Dark Garage may.
3.) I look awesome in running tights, shut up.

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