Stretch & Strength & Sinuses

I skipped a workout last night.

That’s not so bad. It hurt to mark my calendar with a red mark, denoting a total failure to exercise, but realistically, my Stretch&Strength workout is an easy 30 minutes of rolling around on the floor, devising or trying new stretches.

However, I didn’t do it. I have some kind of sinus infection or headcold that clogged my night. It didn’t make exercise impossible, or even unpleasant, just inconvenient. And it was more important for me to save up my GRR I’M DOING THIS powers for tonights 4 mile run.

I browsed the half-marathon page today, and noticed that the half marathon is completely sold out. I don’t know what the total count is, but if I know the City of Pittsburgh, this race is going to be one hell of a party!

4 miles tonight. No excuses, no letting this headcold hold me back.


2 responses to “Stretch & Strength & Sinuses

  1. I should run about the same tonight…. but shin splints are my nightmare!!!!

    • Try running just a mile then! That’s what I do when I’m hurting or tired. I run a mile, and if I have to stop, I have that.

      Also, for some unsolicited advice: For me, getting over shin splints was a matter of easing into my exercise. Someone told me that new runners get them from trying to run too far, too fast. I eased way back and got into it slowly, and between that and new shoes, they were gone like magic.

      Your mileage may vary, of course. 🙂

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