Every step a record.

I hit a new distance record today. 8 miles. Once I hit 7 miles every inch I went was a record.  I ran the whole way, an 11:20 pace.

I think I can do this half marathon. In fact, with runs like this, I know I can do it. My legs feel like hell, and I went out running feeling sick, but I came back feeling better. Elated that I had taken on a new challenge and won.

This week my two half-distance runs become a 4 mile run. Something that just a few months ago was a long run for me. An extra mile.

Oh, and also, look where I turned around! If you’ve ever lived in SE Michigan between Ann Arbor and Dearborn, and you’ve ever had a bad night drinking, chances are pretty good it was here.

Diamondback Saloon

Turns out it’s about 4 miles away, on foot. If I get to my next distance step, I can run a loop rather than an out and back, but for now, it makes a good landmark.


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