Where can I buy some padded shorts?

Okay, maybe it’s not necessary, but man, cycling doesn’t hurt my legs anywhere near as much as it hurts my keister.

For Cross Training during this half marathon training, I’ve decided to cycle. First step is to get normal Thursday workouts in by using the trainers at the gym, but I also have a mountain bike that if I can fix what my coworker suggests may be a busted freewheel, I will convert to road-ish status and use to tool around.

Today I did 30 minutes with 2 minute intervals between Resistance 5 and Resistance 12. I don’t know anything about cycling efficiency, and the foot-loops intended to make you get the full power of your stroke are busted because this is heavily overused gym equipment, but it was a fun workout, and a good change from pounding out a few miles.

I’m looking forward to more of this, but don’t expect me to be doing a duathalon anytime soon.


4 responses to “Where can I buy some padded shorts?

  1. Do you have an REI in the area? I have had pretty good luck checking REI sales for padded shorts. And I love them a lot a lot.

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