Short & Sweet?

To cover miles, and recover from the longer runs on Tuesdays, I’ve got a 2 (later 3) mile run scheduled every Wednesday.

Today was a great little 2 miles, at a 5.5mph pace. Not so fast that I’m pushing myself, but not so slow that I’m comfortable. I’m exasperated with the treadmill, but my car has a flat so I’m riding along with Steph every day, which means her gym schedule is my gym schedule.

The miles went down easy, and I’m looking forward to more. It’s going to be hectic, planning my life around my training schedule. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, day in and day out, but part of it is going to be posting here, trying to remember that some of the days end like this, calm and quiet, watching television, feeling good about my run with plenty of moments of reflection before sleep.


One response to “Short & Sweet?

  1. It just all happens to become part of your daily sched. (the running) Great run! I enjoy the shorter runs through the week too..


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