A journey of a 13.1 miles begins with a single step

Yesterday was my first 7 mile run since I did a (very aspirational, and very tough) 7 mile run during my 10k training. I started out rough, but ended up running a very respectable 12:10 pace. Only breaks were for road practicalities; crossings, cars trying to kill me, etc. My GPS upload indicates that I ran almost a tenth of a mile further than it recorded on the run. I don’t know whether that’s elevation or an error due to some factor I haven’t seen previously.

Since I’m starting my training with this run, I also bracketed it with a really well defined warmup and cooldown, something I struggle to do, mentally more than physically. As a result I covered more like 8 miles, in total.

My legs are sore but not killing me today. I keep getting the urge to stretch, which feels athletic and also work inappropriate. The glute/groin/hamstring/idunno pull exists but doesn’t seem to be rearing its head. I think the time off and return to exercise were well timed and will keep an eye on them.

Yesterday was a grey, wet day. The temperature was high enough to start the melt, but that meant some slush and puddles in my neighborhood. I intentionally stuck to the larger, well cleared roads, and it kept my feet dry. Most of the sidewalks were even clear, so I ran on those some of the time, though the concrete was tough on my tired legs. There were several small triumphs during the run, places where I kept going rather than turning around or cutting the course short, but the biggest had to be when I reached the ‘end’ I had estimated and saw that I was 0.2 short. Instead of calling it even, or heading in toward home and shortening my cooldown, I turned away from home for a tenth of a mile out and back. That was hard, and I’m proud of myself for doing it.

Before the run I was unable to have a banana because our fruit/veggie delivery gave us some of the most unpalatable bananas I’ve ever had. This minor ’emergency’ resulted in Steph and I running around the kitchen, sometimes ducking back to her laptop to google some source of potassium we might find in the house. After blowing up a coffee mug full of high fiber oatmeal because of poor microwave instructions, we settled on some fingerling potatoes that I fried up with some savory spices and ate with a single egg as a light lunch. It tasted pretty good, though I don’t know what preparation is best to keep potassium in the potato, so I don’t know if I got the actual target nutrient!

Tonight is my first Monday workout; a nice easy Stretch and Strength routine. I’m planning on stretching for about 20 min and then doing some standard arms & chest weights. This workout is mostly to give me an active recovery from the Sunday long run.

The run isn’t up on the feed yet, I’ll post it tonight.


2 responses to “A journey of a 13.1 miles begins with a single step

  1. 7 miles, you’re already running more then half the distance! Slow and steady wins the race ! great run


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