Half Marathon Plan – Now Pocket Sized

A few readers said they couldn’t read my google calendar; and it’s mostly for planning purposes anyway, so it’s hard to READ if you’re just glancing over it. So I layed out my plan in excel, and made a little table.

Also, thanks to John, who helped me with some really specific comments via e-mail, and Annette, who encouraged me to fix a ‘hole’ in my training plan; moving that XT day away from the very important long run.

I’ve moved the plan to a increase-and-recover model; 6 miles being my base long run, increasing by a mile during each 2 week increase phase. I’ve also added a mile to give myself more space between my last long run and the big event.

I can’t get a reasonable chart to embed in wordpress, so I’m making an img of it, which is ghettofabulous and kind of HTML circa 1998, but at least it doesn’t require you guys to have microsoft office or to sift through a google calendar.

Btw, wordpress, I know you don’t like to let arbitrary embeds, so please make a good google calendar embed tool. It would be really nice not to send my friends clickin’ links to look at one of the central parts of my blog!


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