A Time To Train

The PGH half marathon is 86 days away.

It’s time for me to start training.

I went to the doctor yesterday; my weight is down to 255-clothes (250 by my scale), and my BP is 125/80; normal, with no medication. My pulled muscle didn’t worry him in the slightest, and it only bothers me during certain stretches now.

So it’s time to start. My basic skeleton is 6 days a week of *something*. 4 runs, 1 crosstrain cardio, 1x stretch + weights.

Several “first timer” plans have recommended a capstone Long Run of 10miles to train for a half marathon, so that’s my goal. I’m starting at 6miles, so 10 weeks at 0.5 miles a week will get me to 10miles (with week 10 ending with the half!)

Since it can be hard to review a full calendar, I’m drawing my skeleton, here, but my training calendar is public, and located at Don’s Running Calendar. Several of you even have the ability to make changes.

Mon: Stretch & Weights.
Tue: EZ 3mile run, up to 5 miles
Wed: 2mile run for 5 weeks, 3 mile run for 5 weeks.
Thu: Rest
Fri: EZ 3 mile run, up to 5 miles
Sat: cross train (30 up to 60 min)
Sun: Long run. 6 miles-10miles.

Weekly total starts at 14 goes up to 23; no more than a 10% increase in total for any given week (aside from week 1-2 which is 18% as I step up to 4 mile EZ runs)

This is my first cut at a half marathon plan. I based it in part on things I read on various sites, and I am the farthest possible thing from an expert. I really need the input of my “Village of Trainers” here, because I want to make sure that I set up my plan to be strong enough to meet my goal, but reasonable enough to not wear me out inappropriately. As an idea, I’m typically running 3 miles x 3 days a week, 6 miles on Sunday right now. The crosstrain and the weights would be incremental workouts.

A note on speed training: I haven’t included any. My goal is to complete this half marathon distance while running the whole way. I’ll be increasing my distance substantially over the next 90 days, and I’ve been told that you don’t want to increase both speed and distance at the same time. What do you guys think?

I have to say, with this all layed out in colored boxes, I feel a little scared of the challenge I’m taking on. I know that Steph is going to support me, including chasing me out the door for these runs, and joining me on her roller blades once the weather gets better in the early Spring.

Can I do this?


One response to “A Time To Train

  1. You can do it!

    You’ll be fine and have a great base to build on.

    The only thing to make a note of: since you are cross-training on a pre-long run day, make sure you keep your cross-training light. I wouldn’t go all-out for it, just something active that’s not running. Don’t want to be sore or out of energy for the important run of the week.

    I agree its good to wait with speed training. The more you run, the faster you become. Speed training is more intended for people who have pace goals and have plateaued with their natural pace. I guarantee you’ll still keep picking up pace as you keep running.


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