I’m back, baby!

When I was posting on this blog every time I ran Yet Another 3 Mile Steady Run, I started to think, “Boy, this is boring, I bet no one wants to read it, plus I never use those other category boxes”

Of course, at least then I had the will to post. Nothing makes you dread this big empty post text box like the idea of posting “I haven’t run.” over and over. But that has been my life, for two solid weeks.

I wish I could say it drove me crazy, that I had been overwhelmed with some kind of rabid desire to run that had me pacing and stretching at random times of day, icing like a champ and just chomping at the bit to get out again. I’d love to write the tale of how being injured was hard, and I soldiered back in like a taped-up quarterback.

The fact of the matter is that being injured was the easiest thing I’ve done yet in running. I had more free time! Not only didn’t I have to run, I couldn’t run! Forbidden!

Well, I kept the mental discipline to come back, but I couldn’t spare any to do things like updating my online running log (which has fallen behind my offline one) or write in the blog. But I’m back!

Friday I ran one tentative mile with a ton of stretching beforehand. Sunday I ran two miles, faster but not fast, again with copious stretching beforehand. Yesterday was the ‘return to routine’ test, and I stretched, and ran 3 miles. A nice normal Tuesday run.

I still have little twinges in the muscle, especially from certain stretches (Legs spread, touching my right toe, or even just standing and touching my toes aggravate it). I don’t know if it was a glute pull, a groin pull or a hamstring, but it’s gone when I’m not running, almost imperceptible when I’m running and really only feels painful when stretching. I hope I’m doing the right thing; I’m approaching all of this with the attitude that pushing myself when injured is a bad idea, but that eventually I have to get back to running to let the muscle ease back into performance. The plan is to do 3x3miles and 6 miles on Sunday. If I get through that without the muscle returning to the prior hurting, I will declare victory and just keep it in mind as a possible ‘trouble area’.

Anybody have any advice? I know it might be too late to ask now (and I did as much as I could of the standard Ice/Rest/Advil). I tried ‘Sticking’ it with the roller/torture device Sherry gave me, but it left it hurting really badly, so I’m leaving that for undamaged and just tense muscles like my calves.


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