Pulled Away

During my run on Jan 13, I ran an excellent 3 miles. I also appear to have run those miles outside my body’s capacity, because the nezt day my gluteal muscle started to hurt. Just a little runners twinge, so aside from delaying my long run one day that weekend, I just did advil and stretched extra mindfully, trying to stay in the groove.

However, every morning in my log, I noted “glute pull” and a little checkbox for injured. My runs all went fine, and the pain hasn’t gotten worse, but it didn’t disappear quickly like I had thought. So as of Monday, I’m resting. My running log has 5 rows of goose eggs for the first time since the summer.

I’m probably going to rest through the weekend at least, try to let this heal entirely. I don’t want to go into training for a new, longer distance with any ghosts. So for now, instead of running, my nightly ritual ice ice and anti-inflammatories.


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