Getting Ready

No, not for my half marathon. Just for my 6 mile run.

With the three day weekend, and a little gluteal muscular pain (technical term for owmybutthurts) I decided to run my long run for the ‘week’ today, rather than yesterday. My training log will reflect the week of 1/17 as big and the week of 1/10 as small, but the important thing is the fitness, not the absolutely correct division.

I sat down to type this entry as I digested my favorite ‘running morning’ breakfast; a whole weat english muffin with a bit of peanut butter, a banana, and a small cup of coffee. I’ve heard varying reports from runners about this kind of breakfast before setting out to run, but for me it really works. The coffee gives me a dose of caffeine so I’m not tempted to shotgun 3 GUs as soon as I step out the door; I’m not a morning person. The banana contributes that delicious potassium to make the muscle pumps work, and the english muffin and PB is energy to get me through that first 45 minutes of run. I like to sit for about 30 minutes so that my body is all settled, but I never have any distress from food while running.

I’m setting up my CamelBak Rogue (a Christmas gift from my sister) for its second voyage today; I ran with it last Sunday, but made the mistake of filling it with convenient rather than good water, and it tasted metallic for the whole bottom half, so became just a heavy personal item pack.

However, I have high hopes for it today. 6 miles is about the minimum distance I want to bring it on, because I just don’t need the infrastructure on shorter runs, but it’s really great to have water for these longer ones. It takes some getting used to, but I didn’t find it awkward in any key ways last time, so I’m hoping with proper filtered water, it’ll be a real contributor to the ‘team’.

I’m wearing my Turkey Trot shirt today. It makes me feel a little inspired, because it represents what I accomplished last year. Hopefully next January I’ll be tugging on my PGH Half Marathon shirt for an even longer run on MLK day.

Also, Happy Birthday, Dad! I know you probably don’t read, but maybe Mom’ll tell you when she sees this. I’ll call after my run. 🙂

That banana and english muffin should be nice and settled in right now. Off I go!


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