Pittsburgh Half Marathon

PGH Marathon

I signed up for a half marathon, yesterday.

I’m excited to have signed up, but the counter on their page, reading 118 days, is ominous. I have to take myself from 6 miles every Sunday to comfortable with 10 miles (and thus ready for 13 miles) in 4 months. And it’s still snowy and cold here. Also, despite having a relatively flat course, Pittsburgh may call itself the city of bridges, but it’s the city of HILLS.
Half Marathon Elevation Chart

They played some games with the scale there, but that’s a pretty serious hill there at the end; looks like 100ft of climb in short order.

Michigan only has hills where we’ve stacked up garbage for long enough and waited. I’m going to have to do hill training on a treadmill or something, just so that my legs don’t give out after 10 miles of running and a mile or two of hills.

I’ve got a lot of prep to do. I’m not starting quite yet; probably the official training kick off will be in March. But signing up yesterday saved me $10! (Talk about critical motivation and priorities!)


2 responses to “Pittsburgh Half Marathon

  1. Donald,

    The TVFR’s Boston Tune-Up 15K will be a great primer for your half. Our course is considered a course with continuous rolling hills and trust me, it IS one hill after another for the bulk of the race. Thankfully the last mile is flat and a slight decline. I will have to run the course and send you my GPS link to the elevation chart….fun stuff here in New England! Exhausting at times too!

    Pittsburg will certainly be a challenge but I know you can do it!


    • I’ve got to really look at my training options, since I’m not planning on going much further than 10mi on my training runs, and I want to figure out how to schedule things to line up with Pittsburgh.

      If I don’t do that one, I’ll find my way out there for something later in the year, so you can see your lovely daughter for a visit if nothing else.

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