Space Coast Running

One of the things you read about regarding running is the potential to explore places better because you’re spending time on foot. Whether it’s your own town, where you get to see businesses, fields, and houses that you never see zooming by in a car, or vacation spots, or even places where you go on business trips, you learn a lot about a new town on foot.

This weekends runs (3 miles yesterday, 6.2 today) were a good example of that. I learned something I already knew in abstract; Cocoa Beach, FL is a city of hotels, beach stores, and, to a lesser extent, banks.

Yesterday’s run was a hot, sweaty affair. Like a sled dog in the tropics, I wasn’t accustomed the the air or the climate. Hot humid air was cloying, and I didn’t feel like I was pulling energy from it like I could from the cold air back home. Sweat soaked me in minutes. Add to that that the environment was strange; the empty streets of a beach town in off-season, combined with the unnatural quiet of a holiday at midday.

Today’s run, in a different direction, was a different run altogether. There was still the quiet of both season and Season, but a cold front had come in, and the temperature had dropped, and the wind was pushing me around the whole run. I managed to pack away 6.2 miles today in 1:11:15, meaning I did a 10k 5 minutes faster than my Turkey Trot! I got the proud feeling of running past not 1, but two, Publix grocery stores, which suffuses one with a sense of self-righteousness stemming from the fact that I just ran farther than anyone in the area is willing to drive for groceries.

I’m proud to be running on vacation. Tomorrow is a day off, but I’ll run again Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it, cloying heat or cool wind.


2 responses to “Space Coast Running

  1. Great run! You must be a cold weather runner like I am! Not sure I like living in the cold but I love running in it!!!! Link for you to consider…
    My running club puts this race on, and I have to to actually run it…have other duties I have performed race day. Wanna run it with me? Tough albiet a rewarding course!

    • Thanks Sherry! Yeah, I don’t like living in the cold, but I’ve made the best of it. Steph and I will start looking at that date and seeing if we can fit that distance into my training calender and a trip at that time into the budget. Thanks for the great idea.

      Also, glad to hear you’re getting back on the road. Steph tells me you did an 8 miler last week!

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