The Winter In Full Swing

Three runs to talk about, each a bit unusual, in and of themselves.

Sunday – The Loop – 6 miles – 1:10:49

Keeping on schedule with my 15 miles per week plan, I set out for a 6 mile run on Sunday. Where during the summer I avoid the large roads that make up the perimeter around my development, in the winter, those roads are the clearest and driest. So I had Steph drop me off at the exit to our complex, and I ran hard, 6 miles around the whole big circle. I stopped at a corner store, and learned the very important lesson that autopause is not to be trusted (if you click through to my Garmin Connect workout and zoom in at the corner of Haggerty and Huron River, you can see my GPS freaking out while I’m in the store.) I chatted for a second with the kid behind the counter, who seemed fascinated by this alien in winter gear and shorts who had trotted into his store to buy a 99c bottle of water with a sweaty dollar bill. He asked a bunch of questions about my Gu and my Garmin, which I tried to answer without making things up.

The run felt fantastic. I took it easy, but still did the 6 miles in a time that places as faster than my 10k time.

Tuesday – Lunch Run – 3.22 miles – 36:38

Since December is so slow at work, and SO DARK at home, I decided to run during the day Tuesday, as a test run for doing a few similar runs in January and February. I managed to start my lunch at 11:30, eat, dress, stretch, run 3.2 miles, change back (in our lab, with a chair wedged under the door) and be at a 1pm meeting quite presentable. I think that if I schedule around it and make time at the end of the day to make up the lost time, I can really use this to give myself some daylight back.

One of the nicer things about it is that Ford’s Engineering campus, under the administration of an actual facilities organization, makes an effort to plow our roads, shovel and salt our sidewalks, mark internal crosswalks and have a generally pedestrian friendly environment. I’m sure it would give our Safety (Trip&Fall not Crash&Airbag) team a heart attack to know an employee was traveling at anything above a cautious walk on company property. Still, it was a great change, and gave me an excuse to explore the grounds on foot, which can lead to some interesting discoveries. Unfortunately Tuesday’s discovery was just “Ford has no outdoor garbage cans, and Gu is sticky”

Also, another runner passed me and called me tough because I was wearing shorts. I assured him I was just dumb. But speaking of shorts…

Thursday – Around Belleville. – 3 miles – 33:30

I mentioned that work is slow. Thursday was the last day for the year, so I got dismissed at 12pm to head home. After avoiding stopping for fast food on the way home, I gobbled some vegetarian baked beans (mmm, no fat, high in fiber!) and headed out the door for a typical winter run. Only real thing that was notable about this run was that I got a pair of running tights to try out, so instead of mortifying shorts, I had mortifying spandex tights. I won’t be wearing them to any social functions anytime soon, but I definitely understand now why superheroes and football players (and runners, I guess) wear them. Nice unimpeded motion, and kept me warmer than going without. Sure beat tripping over a pair of warmup pants like I did one night this winter when I tried to run with my legs covered.


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