Donald vs. the Elements: Ice First, Wind Later

The snowstorm last Sunday cost me a workout, but I made it up on Monday on the treadmill. Reshuffled my week, and ran Wednesday and Thursday. As of yesterday, I’m back to my normal schedule with three miles yesterday. I even, with the aid of the colder weather gear I’ve been accumulating, managed to run outside!

My first 3 miles, Thursday, was a cold nighttime run. I jogged slow out of the neighborhood for a warm up, and then ran down to the 5 points intersection at the close end of town. The run felt good pretty much the whole time, and three layers on top and a pair of shorts felt correct, if a bit of a weird way to get dressed. However, on the way back I realized I’d hit more than 3 miles if I ran back to the entrance I had started from, and decided to turn into the ‘closer’ entrance and head home. Terrible mistake! My neighborhood, especially that side that has less traffic, is pretty much solid ice. So my ‘cool down’ was half slipping, half freezing. If I walked, the cold air reminded me I was WEARING SHORTS, and if I sped up, the ground reminded me that I was in NO WAY part mountain goat.

Not part mountain goat, but maybe PART NINJA.
Yes, I'm wearing 3 shirts.
Okay maybe the bright orange and reflective accents aren’t ninja. Part DORK doesn’t sound as alluring.

Saturday, I did the same basic thing, but I was smarter. I ran down, resolved to turn around at 1.5 miles. A train came by at mile 1.4, so I had to turn around. You can see the little pause icon in the picture below where I stopped and sort of assessed whether the train would pass by quickly enough to get my last 0.1 mile. Stupid Train

Still, 1.4 was most of the way, so I ran back to the start and put the extra 0.2mi into my neighborhood on the more well trod entrance. It was SO much colder Saturday, even though the thermometer read the same both times, because of wind chill.

Both runs were, in themselves, great runs. I did about a 12 min pace the first night, an 11:45 on Saturday. It’s nice to see my pace evening out at a new, higher place. In the spring I’ll work on speeding up a bit, but it’s good to know my body can maintain a 12min pace for 3 miles, something I couldn’t do when I was working toward my 5k.

Don vs the Elements, ICE!
Don vs the Elements, WIND!

I really hope the next element I have to face isn’t fire. Just saying.


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