Best treadmill miles yet.

Because of the snow, I bumped my Tuesday run to Wednesday (flexible plan means success, when up against the weather). I had an all day meeting at a supplier Wednesday, so I ate light (a salad for lunch!) and was hungry enough that I ate a clif bar while warming up.

All the coffee (in an all day meeting, any excuse for a break is a good one) and the somewhat different nutrition seemed to have done me some good. I set the treadmill to 5mph and never let up, even bumping up the speed to 5.2 by halfway, and ultimately 6mph for the last 0.1 mile. As a result I had one of my fastest 3 mile runs ever, 35:15. I felt really good the whole run.

I miss being outside though, and the velcro wriststrap for my Garmin Forerunner 305 arrived last night, so the plan is to brave the icy roads tonight, and get back in touch with the elements.


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