Maybe winter running is in my blood.

Today’s 3 mile run was after a short day of work. December is a quiet time in the domestic auto industry, partially by tradition, partially because of multiples holiday parties and gatherings, and partially because of End-of-Year expiring vacation leaves a lot of desks vacant.

Well, after having a slice of pizza at lunch, I was feeling extra motivated to get out and really run, plus getting home at 4:00 meant I got to run in the beautiful daylight. Okay, the gray, cloud filtered, monotone winter light. At least I could see!

My run went amazingly well, both the brisk weather, and the months of doing it having improved my fitness have made me feel more and more confident on the road. My 3 mile run, which I set out with the idea in my head of running of jsut wandering and checking in with a 12:30 (and set my watch accordingly) was over in 33:40! That’s an 11:13 pace. And, best part of all, look at the splits! (yes, that last one is just an artifact, I didn’t turn into The Flash for 0.02mi. I’ll get it cleaned up in the post process.)


One response to “Maybe winter running is in my blood.

  1. Bonus: 20% additional calories are burned when running in colder weather! Keep it up, I am proud of you.

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