If I vowed not to use the words “Cold” or “Dark”

Last nights run was a simple 3 mile loop, along my 5k route. I wanted to try the functionality route and the ‘Virtual Partner’ on my Garmin (where it pits me against the last time I ran a route) so I set out and tried to figure it out.

I saw that the Garmin had me at 25 feet to the start once I clicked “Do Route” so I figure I was good to go and jumped into my run. About a third of a mile in, I punched the light on the Garmin to see how I was doing against Virtual Chump Don and was distressed to see the watch was still telling me “0.3 miles to course start”. Damnit! I didn’t know I had to hit Start!

I wanted to see how the function worked, so I hit start and ran *back* toward my house. Almost there and it picks up that I’m on the course, adjusts my ‘partner’ to my location, and starts the clock. Like any well-trained animal, I turned around and set back on course, telling myself that I didn’t make a mistake, I had just warmed up!

Having the ‘virtual partner’ on there was a pretty fun motivator. I stayed about 200 feet ahead of ‘him’ through the first mile, and then picked up the pace to ‘win’ by about 0.15mi. The workout comparison doesn’t appear on the GPS report, but the motivation while I’m out there is very real, which is the other side of this amazing data gathering device I’m wearing on my wrist.

The run inspired some extra snot and swearing about said snot, so I was pleased to receive a gift from Sherry/Steph clipped to the door when I arrived home. (okay, I didn’t actually see it, my glasses were fogged and I was exhausted so I thought it was a decorative reindeer or something). A brand new balaclava, the second of my Christmas running goodies to leak out of the pile. I’ll look forward to having that on the impending winter days.

I’d give my left arm to run in daylight. I’m almost at the point of trying to run early, except that wouldn’t do me any good since the sunrise is at 7:45am.


5 responses to “If I vowed not to use the words “Cold” or “Dark”

  1. Good job not using the words “cold” or “dark”! 🙂 Enjoy the balaclava. I should probably find /something/ not running related to get you.

  2. I have got to get me some of them!
    What model do you have?
    Good sat reception?
    Good battery?

    • He’s got the Garmin 305, which is the same model my mother has and my step-father. I did a lot of research and found that this model is the most highly regarded model made, though the new replacement of it (the Garmin 310) did just come out. Either way, the 300 series is fantastic, albeit a bit large in size. As for satellite reception and battery, the battery seems to charge quickly and last a long long while. Satellite reception is fantastic, I know my step-father does a lot of trail running and it never loses signal even in dense woods. Donald’s gets signal in a few seconds when he goes outside for a run.

      Do not get the 400 series Garmin, specifically the 405. There have been numerous issues with the model related to its ‘touch bevel’ and the battery in the model. Mom’s coworkers have them and hate them. Go with the 305, it has been fairly inexpensive on Amazon in recent months.


    • The loving wife appears to have answered in detail, but I’ll add another thing, regarding battery life. It hasn’t even been touched for me, because I plug it in to download the data religiously after every run, and it charges via USB during the short time I leave it connected. All testimony points to this guy being a great watch, which is good, because it’s no piece of art to look at (think calculator watch + about 3 orders of magnitude more nerdy.)

    • Oh, and sat reception, I just turned it on for a second (to check something) and it acquired enough satellites to start up and begin calculating while inside my house, near only one window with the shade drawn!

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