I’m not injured.

Unfortunately that’s the best thing I can say about yesterday’s 3 mile run. Something made that run my most miserable in months, whether it was the time of day, the amount of food I had eaten (breakfast, hours before) or just the fact that I had not managed to get a banana yet.

My lungs, heart and comfort in the temperature felt up to the task, but at 1.5 miles muscles in my lower legs started screaming for mercy. I considered the pain a ‘test’ of my resolve, pushed through it, the whole way telling myself things like “the fastest way home now is to run. No one wants you to give up, they want you to finish. It hurts now but you’ll be fine tonight.” All the while the little devil on the other shoulder muttered “just knock on a door, call Stephanie, she’ll come get you.” and “it may be faster to run home, but it would be nicer to walk home”

I got through it; and if you click through and look at the run data on the side bar, it even looks like I got through it strong; my last mile was still a 12:28! My legs don’t hurt now, but I’m feeling a little fearful of doing my planned 6 miles today. I’m going to make sure not to make any of the mistakes I made yesterday, and remind myself every day to respect the ‘difficulty’ of running. Even though 3 miles isn’t that far for me any more, if I don’t mind my body, eat right and get the right nutrients, it can be a real trial.


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