3 more miles

I tested out the ‘auto lap’ feature of my Forerunner 305 today, while getting 3 miles of distance onto the board for December. I ran the whole 3 miles in about 37 minutes, with a little bit of error in the 1/4 mile track, I covered the distance at a nice consistent 12 minute pace.

You can see the full data for my run here. My splits are pretty interesting; I ran at a 12-13 min pace for the first 1.5 miles, and then ate a Gu at 1.5 miles (I was hungry, also, you can see me comedically drop the gu packet and stop to grab it, if you look at the pace spike at ~18 min) and managed a sub 12 minute pace for most of the second half. I wasn’t pushing for any new speed, just trying to post the miles and get home on time. My legs were sore, maybe even cramped for the second half of the run, probably because my banana-a-day potassium regimen has been severely cramped by the winter tendency to sell unripe bananas. I also had a minor side stitch around laps 3-4, another unusual circumstance for me, and I don’t honestly know what to blame that on.

The Forerunner performed admirably, and I’m excited to learn more about its intricacies, like it’s apparent ability to pit me against a virtual version of myself when running a route over.

I haven’t decided on my next major goal (the poll is still open! Vote early, vote often!) but I intend to run about 57 miles in the month of December. That should mean one or two runs in Florida around Christmas (where I will get to experience warmth again!) and maybe a run in Pittsburgh while I’m there for New Years (whereupon my GPS will learn about that mysterious 3rd dimension ‘elevation’)


2 responses to “3 more miles

  1. Hi Don!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. You are most certainly right that it is easy to forget how far I have come in such a seemingly short amount of time. I am trying to find the spark again and hope it comes soon!

    I was reading some of your posts and noticed that you are on the hunt for a new goal. I recommend a Half Marathon if you are loving distance over speed. Personally, I liked the challenge of further not faster, but it really is just that, a personal preference. Keep on truckin’! It really is about crossing the finish line and not how long it took you to get there :).

    • Thanks for the thoughts, Ann! It’s safe to say that in the coming months I’ll be going further *and* faster (nowhere to go but up!). Keep your head up and go looking for that spark, it’s out there on the roads or trails somewhere.

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