The new frontier!

Well, I can honestly say that when I started running, I didn’t ever expect to run a 10k. I mostly defined myself as a runner in terms of “wouldn’t”, “don’t” and “won’t”. You can even see it in that first sentence of my ‘About W&S’ page; “I will never win a race.”

I think that’s still true, but with a 10k behind me and the road seeming completely open and possible, it’s time to set my sights on another goal, and I can’t do that by being negative. “Getting through the winter” is pretty vague, but that’s the real point of this. Ultimately, with 2011 as a whole new year ahead, I’ll have tons and tons of little micro, and big macro goals. So, I’m going to post a poll, to ask you folks, what you think my next big focus should be.

Weekly Mileage:
I have successfully bumped up my running to 4 days a week. If I run 3x3miles and 6miles on the weekend, I can set a reasonable average goal of 15 miles a week through the winter. Should I pick this responsible goal? Should I pick more miles and stretch for it?

New Distance:
After the 10k, the ‘doubling distance’ next logical step (and a lot of hints from you, dear readers) leads me to the Half Marathon. Should setting my sights on half marathon be my next immediate goal, or is the spring half marathon season too far off?

Right now I run intervals at a 8-9min pace, I run a 5k at about a 12 min pace, and my longer distance pace is about 13 minutes. I’m slow! (it’s advertised right in the blog title) Should I focus on speeding up, running intervals or fartleks (whatever the heck those are)?

Note that this is not actually a democracy. I may just decide that my next running goal is to see how many of Steph’s chocolate chip cookies in my mouth before I lose the ability to breathe.


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