If I thought I was too old for Christmas Toys, I thought wrong

Sitting at home and enjoying Second Saturday (as Steph and I call this third day of our four day ‘Rogue Thanksgiving’ wherein we eat turkey by ourselves and enjoy the quiet of not travelling!) and the UPS folks knocked on the door right as I warmed up some leftovers for breakfast.

Sitting outside was an Amazon box, but I hadn’t ordered anything. I immediately assumed Steph had ordered herself new shoes or a purse.

After fervently assuring me that wasn’t the case, she revealed that this anonymous parcel was, in fact, my Christmas gift from Mom and Dad, and that she was in charge of deciding whether I get it immediately or whether it should be wrapped up to place under the tree at Christmas. First, I apologized for the shoes/purses comments, and then made my very best puppy eyes at her until she let me open it up.

I quickly opened it up (before she changed her mind!) and saw a brand new Garmin Forerunner 305! Now I’ve talked before about ‘earning my gear’, and I haven’t bought a GPS yet, mostly because it seemed like a brazen statement I was serious, that I wasn’t entitled to make in my current level of fitness. But I coveted it. I’m an engineer, and that level of instrumentation, gathering all that data to analyze, just seemed like a great way to know where I needed to improve. Steph had kept a close eye on me, and when she saw that I was ready, she pounced, and let my parents know that it was time to give me one as a gift. Thanks for knowing me so well, love.

So, like any kid with a new toy, I charged it up, and slapped it on my wrist, went outside, acquired some satellites and went for a run! The Garmin website for data analysis is pretty sweet (lots of data!) so here’s the link to my first run.

This really came at the perfect time; my excel spreadsheet running log had turned into a real mess and I wanted a new method for tracking stuff, and this device along with the website will really be great for tracking my runs through the winter.

I’ll post soon about my planning and goals. First was to not wait too long after my race to get back to the road. I think 48 hours qualifies! So check mark!


7 responses to “If I thought I was too old for Christmas Toys, I thought wrong

  1. Hey….great toy! I have been running for over 20 years before I bought the 305! Have fun with it, you will love it….but I have to admit, I love new shoes more!

  2. Don,
    Not to be critical, but you can tell your parents (non-runners, I assume) that a 10k effort that you achieved is worthy of a new car.
    But alas, if not, enjoy what you got!
    Way cool, I assume?

    I always run with a phone (small waist pouch, along with an id). As it is an iPhone, there is an app that tracks running….

    Here is a link to a recent run (long url; get it all into your browser)


    Neat stuff!

    PS – I am competing next Sunday in Central Park, a 10k. I’ll have all the gruesome details by noon.

    • I dare not remind them that 10k is a ‘car level’ effort, because they might retort that raising a son is a ‘luxury car level’ effort. I don’t dare begin a game of one upsmanship with an Irish mother!

      The device is way cool, with way more data than I can conceive of understanding and analyzing. Once I get some more data up and stored online I’ll try to come up with ways to use Excel (everyone’s favorite engineering tool) to put together even more analytics.

      For now, I’ve added an RSS widget along the right side with links to all my recent runs.

    • Make sure you get me your bib number for that Central Park run. And I’m sure the details won’t be too gruesome!

  3. Don –
    Oops! Last post had a link that pointed back to my email….
    Here is the GoogleMaps link to that recent run:


    And some details:
    Name: GW Bridge
    Date: Nov 13, 2010 11:03 am
    Map: (valid until Dec 13, 2010)
    Distance: 4.42 miles
    Elapsed Time: 44:27.2
    Avg Speed: 6.0 mph
    Max Speed: 10.6 mph
    Avg Pace: 10′ 04″ per mile
    Min Altitude: 167 ft
    Max Altitude: 440 ft
    Start Time: 2010-11-13T16:03:30Z
    Start Location:
    Latitude: 40.851616º N
    Longitude: 73.938780º W
    End Location:
    Latitude: 40.850949º N
    Longitude: 73.939397º W

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