Thin End of the Taper

After forgetting to lock up equipment at work (thus meaning I had to do my commute twice today) I still pulled through and did my last 30 minute taper run. It was late; I didn’t get out the door until 7:30, and cold, but I pulled through a 2.5 mile run in 30 minutes. The cold air was actually not much of a hindrance, in fact it was motivating, though I won’t go so far as to say invigorating. I ran in a pair of track pants as an experiment, with a tank top and gloves/beanie on. I enjoyed the long pants just fine for this shorter run, but I wouldn’t want to wear them for a full length race; if I started getting hot there was no middleground, and really, my legs don’t get that cold.

My race forecast, as of right now, is 36degrees and raining. Amazingly in all these months of running I’ve never actually run in the rain. I’ve never intentionally avoided it, but I’ve always seemed to miss it. I’ve kind of regretted it, the folks who like running talk about running in the rain like a religious experience. Hopefully being damp doesn’t impact my big day too much; I don’t think it will.

So that’s it for the taper. Tomorrow is pure relaxation (maybe a light stretch or two) and then it’s off to the race, 8am Thursday. Thanks to everyone who has been following along, and I assure you that this wild ride isn’t over yet. I’ve already started pondering goals to keep me going through the winter.


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